Doc. dr Andjela Draganić

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Personal information

First name: Andjela
Last name: Draganić 
Sex: Female 
Marital status: Not married
Citizenship: Montenegro

Areas of current interest and research

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Professional experience



Andjela Draganic received a B.Sc. and Spec. Sci. degree (GPA 9.22/10) in electrical engineering from the University of Montenegro in 2011., M.Sc. in 2013. and is currently working on PhD thesis. Her research interests include time-frequency signal analysis and its applications, compressive sensing, multimedia signals and systems, etc. She is an assistant teacher on following courses: Multimedia systems (Faculty of Maritime studies), Digital electronics (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Information systems (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Basics of Electronics (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Basics of business informatics (Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management) since 2011. While she was a student she had received numerous awards including master degree scholarship from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and 2 consecutive undergraduate scholarships by Ministry of Education and Sports. While she was in high school she had been awarded scholarship four years in a row for being high average mark student. She served as a reviewer for EUSIPCO conference and  IEEE Signal Processing Letters Magazine.