Members of the Group started research in the area of time-frequency analysis about

35 years ago,

by the end of the eighties of the last century. The first papers were presented on conferences a few years later, while the first journal paper in this area was submitted in March 1991 to the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, and published in February 1993.

Since then more than

350 journal papers

have been published on time-frequency signal analysis and other signal processing areas by the members of the Group.

Various signal processing topics have been covered within these papers. The most important ones are in: the fundamental theory of time-frequency analysis, noise influence, higher order time-varying spectra, instantaneous frequency estimation, robust signal processing, time-varying filtering, and processing of sparse signals. Various applications of time-frequency analysis have been studied, like watermarking, car engine analysis, motion parameters estimation, radar and sonar signal processing. Members of the group are also active in the research related to the compressive sensing algorithms and their relation to the robust analysis and signals with time-varying spectra. Recently, graph signal processing is a research field for some members of the group.  

Papers of the members of the Group have been

cited about 25 000 times.

Research of the Group has been supported over the years by many international foundations for the promotion of science.

Time-frequency analysis group of the University of Montenegro has very intensive international collaboration with colleagues from all over the world with frequent mutual visits.